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Wohnbau Weilheim – the housing creator

In February 1949, the ‘Zweckverband für sozialen Wohnungsbau im Landkreis Weilheim’ (Association for Social Housing in the District of Weilheim) was founded in response to the severe housing shortage following the Second World War.

Until 1965, 27 of the district’s municipalities belonged to the Association. However, since apartments were not built in all of the member municipalities, the Association transformed into the ‘Gemeinnützige Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim’ in 1965. Since then, members have included seven municipalities from the former administrative district of Weilheim and the district itself.

After the need for public housing was abolished in 1990, the company rebranded to become ‘Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim i.OB – Gesellschaft für sozialen Wohnungsbau’. Since then, the company has been registered under this name in the Munich Commercial Register under HR B 41449 with a limited company share capital of €1,022,583.80.

75 years of Wohnbau Weilheim
Wohnbau Weilheim celebrated its 75-year anniversary in 2024. Discover the history of Wohnbau Weilheim with our timeline.

Shareholders of the limited company include:

  • Weilheim-Schongau district
  • The town of Weilheim in Oberbayern
  • Peißenberg market municipality
  • The town of Penzberg
  • Markt Murnau am Staffelsee
  • Seeshaupt municipality
  • Uffing am Staffelsee municipality
  • Bernried municipality

„The shareholders are represented in the shareholders’ general meeting by the District Administrator resp. the particular first mayor.”

managing director
Mr Markus Kleinen represents the company as managing director. He has sole right of representation both internally and externally.

corporate purpose
The company was founded to ensure safe and socially responsible housing for broad sections of the population. To this end, the company builds, maintains and manages all types of residential and agricultural buildings.

As of 31 december 2023, Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim in Oberbayern manages around 1,677 of its own rental apartments. You can find our residential complexes here.

publicly funded
Low-interest loans and grants are awarded by the public authorities when building subsidised apartments in order to lower building costs and ensure affordable rental rates. These properties are known as “social housing”, “subsidised apartments” or “affordable housing”.
If the public loan is paid back on a residential building the rental restrictions no longer apply. These “privately financed apartments” can then be privately let at usual market rates without having to factor in income limits – a path which Wohnbau Weilheim consciously does not take. We also rent out these private apartments at rates lower than the usual market standard.
As of 31 december 2023, 630 of our apartments were “publicly subsidised” (strict allocation criteria, certificate of eligibility to public housing (‘Wohnberechtigungsschein’) and 1,047 were “privately financed”.

The allocation of our apartments is described in detail here.

Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim in Oberbayern currently has 23 employees (included the managing director). Along with administrative staff at Weinhartstraße 15 in Weilheim, there are full-time caretakers and tradespeople in our residential complexes.

Find the corresponding contact person here.

Download: The Wohnbau Weilheim mission statement in English language as pdf file

Wohnbau Weilheim is a member of VdW Bayern
Verband bayerischer Wohnungsunternehmen
e. V. (Association of Bavarian Housing Companies)