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Fair und gut wohnen




2020 – 2029

65 apartments built

2022Groundbreaking ceremony Barbarahof, Peißenberg
2022Completion and occupation Adalbert-Stifter-Straße, Murnau with 30 EoF flats
2020move-in at Gustavstraße, Penzberg with 23 apartments
2020move-in at Adalbert-Stifter-Straße, Murnau with 12 apartments
2020partial change of shareholder representatives due to election of new mayors




2010 – 2019


117 apartments built


201970 years of Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim
2019new building at Gustavstraße, Penzberg with 23 apartments
2019new building at Adalbert-Stifter-Straße, Murnau with 12 apartments
2018new building at Lindenpark, Weilheim with 36 new apartments
2017new building at Hohenberger Straße, Seeshaupt with 5 new apartments
2016new building at Seeseitener Straße, Seeshaupt with 11 apartments
2015new building at Saalangerstraße, Penzberg with 8 apartments
2013new building at Wessobrunner Straße, Weilheim with 22 apartments
2011acquisition of the Barbarahof residential complex, Peißenberg


2000 – 2009


26 apartments built


2007new building of 20 apartments at Waisenhausstraße in Weilheim
since 2000improved maintenance and modernisation of the existing building
since 2000from 2000 to 2009 building of 20 additional apartments at Waisenhausstraße in Weilheim


1990 – 1999


113 apartments built


until 1999windows replaced in 510 apartments
since 1996improved maintenance and modernisation of the existing building. E.g. new roofing, gutters, facade coating and insulation
since 1995start of window replacement in existing apartments. Upgrade of wooden windows with thermally insulated plastic windows
since 1995start of incorporating gas floor heating systems during change of tenant
1995the management building of Wohnbau GmbH was equipped with 8 staff computers
1995occupation of the 1,500th apartment
1993Wörther-Kirch-Straße in Peißenberg with 28 apartments
upgrade of existing electric storage heaters and incorporation of community central heating with hot water supply


1980 – 1989


456 apartments built


1985a decorator was hired due to urgently required painting work
1982number of employees: 1 managing director, 9 administrative employees, 5 caretakers, 3 cleaning personnel


1970 – 1979


156 apartments built


February 197930-year company existence
15.3.1976occupation of the 1975 renovated and upgraded building at Weinhartstraße 15; now it is the administrative building of Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim i.OB
October 1974the company became a member of the Municipal Employers’ Association


1960 – 1969


437 apartments built


in autumn 1968a large-scale project began (57 apartments) to install baths in the existing apartments; prior to this, the apartments only had a shared bath in the basement
1st June 1967occupation of the new building at Werdenfelserstraße 19, 21 in Peißenberg
31.12.1965dissolution of the municipal association and transformation into a limited liability company: “Gemeinnützige Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim”


1950 – 1959


574 apartments built


1959rent 1,05 DM/m²
1956purchase of a VW beetle company car at the original price of 4,000 DM
1955relocation of the municipal association into the new Sparkasse Weilheim building


1946 – 1949


initial situation


major demand for accomodation following the Second World War, including in Weilheim
4th July 1949start of construction work on the municipal association with 72 apartments in three buildings, each with 24 apartments at Steinlestraße 5, 7, 9 in Weilheim
10th Febr. 1949formation of a municipal association for social housing in the district of Weilheim
number of employees: 1 architect, 1 project supervisor, 1 commercial power – management building in the former Weilheim post office